Monday, 6 August 2018

Kind to the .P.E.S.

I am learning to be kind to the P.E shed.
I enjoyed digging in to my brain and trying to remember every thing.

I found it challenging to remember when to return my equipment.

My next Steps for my learning is 
to practice my manners.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

My Voki

Thursday, 26 July 2018

My birthday

My birthday.

1.The plane.

2.getting home.

3.waking up and my birthday.

“By Dad I will  miss you” then we heard the speaker. fly to Gisborne I sprinted as fast a cheetah. I zoom over to the caregiver,and waving out to my Dad. The caregiver gave my ticket. the lady asked me some questions one of them was are you going up for a holiday. or just home “just home” I replied to the lady in a sad voice. “why are you sad” she whispered and I said back I miss my Dad… “Here your seat is” “yes” I said  with a big smile. “I'm on the window seat i'm on the window seat” I sang with joy.

“Sigh why do the kids have to be the last one out”. the caregiver came inside and `told me I can come out now so I sprinted out with a zoom I saw my Mum. “Mum” I shouted out with glee.”I missed you so much” “me to Devan”my “ your my favorite mum. in the world”I replied can we go home now mum please.

Bark! Bark! Sigh wait pups wait a minute it my birthday I woke up and got dressed mum,mum,mum,it's my birthday she “what?” she wasn't there “ahh” “mum” I said with a grouchy voice wait I zoomed. of I saw a little package “whats in there mum” “you’ll have to find out”.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

why I love my mum

Dear mum
Happy mothers day
I love you mum more than thousand stars
Whenever I am sad you came and stood right by
Me when i'm naughty you always came back
And said sorry so i'm here just in your heart
So i want to make it up to you by saying this to you
Roses are red violets are blue nothing is more prettier than you

Love you mum and love whanau#Devvy and room 1 LOVE YOU MUM!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Adventure week

do you think we will do I whispered? I“don't know...I sighed and sat down on the gold soft sand, MisWallis shouted buddy up.”I yelled Rylan I suddenly saw him in the corner of my eye, BOO! I leaped high up in the air, I landed on the soft sand then I looked down and my,
 Big enormes  feet  were covered in sand”.
Miss Wallis shouted  GO! We sprinted as fast as we can and claimed our territory and started building our city we both started on 2 the bridge and I left Rylan to do the bridge I started the mud tower “2 more minutes Miss Wallis yelled at the top of her lungs”me and Rylan started to sweat “stop! Miss Wallis shouted as loud as she can”.To test your marble race me and Rylan started to shiver is an 
Scared,so we made a ramp a humongous ramp.And we ran of to get some sticks for the out line
“3 more minutes Miss Wallis yelled as loud as she can...STOP! Miss wallis yelled we stopped now let's look at the marble races Keiha’s and Avatar’s stunning marble race...

Monday, 14 May 2018

The recycling center

The recycling center

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

being kind online ( ;